To date, diverse means of access to health services remains to a challenge to many low income earning Kenyans. We envisioned an innovative, private sector driven, commercially viable and replicable health financing scheme to reach low-income people. In partnership with AAR Health Services, AAR Credit and K-Rep Bank (currently Sidian Bank), KDA successfully developed and pilot tested a health insurance scheme tailored for low income people.

 In June, 2005, this project was institutionalized to AAR Health Services and K-Rep Bank and the result was:

  I. AAR Franchised Health Centres

AAR successfully established three franchise health centres in Nairobi in close proximity to low income communities. Through these centres, we marketed Afya products.

  II. Afya Card products developed in 2003

Afya 1An inpatient only cover

Afya 2: Comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cover

Afya Maisha: An inpatient only cover for cooperate client

Afya loan: A flexible loan product offered by K-rep Bank( currently Sidian Bank) and AAR Credit to allow low income clients finance their membership fees for Afya Card products.

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