This project is funded by FK-Norway which is a governmental body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is part of the governments development cooperation. FK-Norway facilitates and funds exchanges between organizations and institutions in Norway, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The project will be implemented by K-Rep Development Agency (KDA) and Wasasa Microfinance S.C. in Ethiopia.

About the project (Exchange Programme)

This  project focuses on Microfinance Development for improved livelihood. The project aims at exposing staff of the participating institutions in best practices in microfinance development, portfolio management, liquidity management, insights in microfinance product development as well as in adoption of technology in financial service provision. The exchange project  is for a period of 30 months starting April 2018 with a first round of six months and subsequent second and third rounds of 12 months respectively. The project will benefit 20 participants 10 from each side starting with four for the first round and eight participants for the second and third round respectively. The project will benefit youth in the age blanket of 22-35 years.A 50/50 gender balance is adhered to.

Purpose of the exchange

The purpose is to enable cross-learning by participants from K-Rep Development Agency and Wasasa Microfinance ltd of the best practices in microfinance so that to strengthen its impact, resilience and sustainability both for lending to enterprises as well as households for investments.

Project Goal and Objective


The goal of the project is to have improved financial inclusion, leading to enhanced financial services to wider segments of the population


Project Objective

  • The project objective is to promote access to finance to smallholder farmers, low income households and micro and small enterprises through the promotion of a sustainable and inclusive microfinance sector.



This objective will be achieved through developing financial products that are responsive to the clients/customers’ needs, ensuring growth of customer savings/deposits, high and quality customer services, provision of technology enabled financial services, maintaining quality loan portfolio and effective training of clients among other strategies.


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