Phase 1
Lack of information for better decision making is the major hindrance in financial inclusion among the financially marginalised communities. Ford Foundation was looking to develop and test a Financial Literacy Training Manual for pastoral communities. KDA undertook the following tasks:

  • Pre-testing of the training manual with 1,500 pastoral farmers in the three counties
  • Publishing Financial literacy Training Manual for pastoralists and Training guide for Trainers
  • Training trainers of trainers to enhance pre-testing of the training materials in the three counties.
  • Community stakeholder engagement to create awareness and promote use of the training materials and encourage provision of financial services to pastoralist communities.
  • Developing materials will reach a wider audience and create impact on financial education with pastoralists

Phase 2

This phase is in its initial stages of implementation. It aims to scale up Phase 1 Financial Literacy program thus filling in its gaps.

Through the support of Ford Foundation, KDA developed a digital platform that would enable pastoralists to access educative materials on Financial Literacy anytime using GSM phone without necessarily attending meetings. The platform will also help KDA to efficiently monitor the success of the program.

The trainers on the ground will train pastoralists on how to enrol and use the digital platform. They also offer additional personal support to trainees.

KDA also updated the Financial Literacy maual to improve its impact. This manual is digitized for easy access.

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