The cost of fuel in slum areas is expensive not to mention high household pollution that also contributes to climate change. In Partnership with CSUDP, KDA introduced energy saving cook stoves and solar lamps in Kiandutu slum in Thika.

This reduced household pollution and its effects, and also cut down the cost of fuel and cooking time. To improve the uptake of the Jiko Okoa, KDA also developed the Jamii Okoa Loan;  an asset financing loan for the target group.

Jamii Okoa loan

This was a credit facility custom made for Kiandutu slum dwellers. As a result, we developed commitment savings from the savings accrued as a result of reduced energy costs. Consequently, 1050 households purchased and utilized Jiko Okoa. These households enjoy clean air in their houses, save on the cost of fuel by Ksh. 50 everyday and they are contributing to climate change mitigation.

I spent a few hours this weekend downloading and trying out apps and ultimately significant source selected these five to share here