As a strategy to enhance resilience of Somali communities, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) sought to support and improve the livelihoods through community approach that empowered households. These households were to be reached through producer groups in Somalia.

In order for this succeed; there was need for rebuilding community structures and enhancing their capacity to operate in line with the objectives of the resilience program and as viable entities the can promote increased income level in target communities.

As a consulting partner, KDA:

  • Built capacity of 20 producer groups in Cooperate Development and Group Governance through training in Cooperate Development, Leadership and Governance, and Group Dynamics in Hargesia, Borama, Dollow and Luuq.
  • Provided a comprehensive value chain report on livestock (livestock trade, meat, dairy, hides and skins), fodder and honey.
  • Built capacity of 20 producer groups in Business Development i.e. Business Management, Planning, Record Keeping, Risk Management, Pricing and Costing, Marketing. KDA also enhanced value addition in honey, fodder, hides and skins, fisheries, meat and dairy sectors in Hargesia, Borama, Dollow and Luuq.
  • Undertook financial analysis and 3 stakeholder feedback forums that reflected the economic viability of Private public partnerships projects of the Gobanimo Milk Market in Hargesia, the produced Hides and Skins bulking centreĀ  in Luuq and the livestock market in Dollow.

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