Financial Institutions Established (Impacted over 2 million people)


Juhudi Kilimo

In 2009, KDA institutionalized the asset financing/micro leasing product for smallholder farmers into newly created company-Juhudi Kilimo Company Limited. This was the result of four years of successfully developing and pilot testing the product. This program reached over 100,000 people.


Sidian Bank

(Formerly known as K-REP BANK)- Finance services arm of the K-REP Group. Its banking services are open and public. It places great emphasis on accessing banking services to low-income communities. The Bank has helped over 1,000,000 people


K-rep Fedha Services

Managing FSAs-was spinned-off from KDA and incorporated as a limited liability company in 2006 to offer management to community owned financial entities. Over a 100 FSAs were established which impacted over 800,000 people


Kaah Money Transfer Services

KDA supported the first Islamic microfinance institutions in Somaliland The institution was established from scratch and used the approach of build operate and transfer model (BOT). The microfinance helped over 10,000 people


Kaamil Microfinance

KDA supported Kaamil microfinance services in Puntland. The institution was established from scratch and used the approach of build operate and transfer model (BOT). The microfinance helped over 50,000 people


MAKAO Mashinani

The company was created in 2010 to offer low-cost housing. It helped people at the bottom of the pyramid to overcome barriers to decent shelter, help poor and low-income urban population   acquire land with secure tenure, finance basic housing infrastructure such as sewerage, security fence, water and electricity installations. The project supported over 30,000 people.

Product Development.
KDA in conjunction with K-Rep Bank and Health Management Organization(HMO) Successfully developed the Afya Card and Afya Loan products.

Afya Card

An easy access , comprehensive and affordable health care package. Afya card offers both out-patient and in-patient cover. It is a family-based health plan designed to cater to the basic health care needs for the whole family.

Afya loan

A loan product that is accessible and flexible to allow clients to finance the annual membership fees for the afya card and repay the loan in instalments. AAR established a new company-AAR credit to implement this product.

Jikos and solar lanterns

KDA has successfully tested micro leasing product for solar lanterns and energy saving jikos.

Green technologies

Promotes clean and green solutions to high potential and marginalized resource poor. Some of these green technologies has been involved in include: Biogas and Solar technologies.

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