Mr. Aleke Dondo served as Managing Director of K-Rep Development Agency through 2012. Mr. Dondo has over 21 years of experience in microfinance with K-Rep Development Agency, a non-profit microfinance institution that services the needs of rural small-scale farmers and microentrepreneurs through innovative microfinance projects. Mr. Dondo has indepth experience with the start-up and management of rural microfinance organizations and a background in small (informal) enterprise development.

He is Founder of Juhudi Kilimo Company Limited. He has carried out more than 30 major studies in the fields of small enterprise and microfinance development. Mr. Dondo has published ten research papers on these subjects. He has previously served on the boards of other organizations involved in development work,including Kenya Gatsby Trust, Kenya Community Development Foundation.

He holds a Master’s degree in economics from York University in Toronto. His contribution will be on microfinance research and innovations pillar as well as on MSME pillar

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