Youth enterprise development project

Inadequate skills for formal and informal employment were a problem facing many youths.

The Financial Services Associations

Scaling up microfinance products for low income people in rural areas of Kenya was our major challenge.

Fahida project

People living with HIV/AIDS were for a long time secluded socio-economically.

Asset financing project

Agriculture and small holder farming is the most common source of income in Kenyan rural areas.

Juhudi Kilimo Company Limited

Agriculture is the pillar of the Kenyan economy. For a long time, the economy.

K-Rep Fedha Services (KFS)

Poor infrastructure, low population density and limited economic potential are characteristics of many Kenyan rural areas.

Makao Mashinani Company Limited

Access to decent housing is every Kenyans dream and acquiring one is expensive.

Healthcare financing

To date, diverse means of access to health services remains to a challenge to many low income earning Kenyans.

Capacity Building for producer groups

As a strategy to enhance resilience of Somali communities, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Financial literacy for pastoralist communities

Lack of information for better decision making is the major hindrance in financial inclusion among the financially marginalised communities.

Biogas Project

This project targets dairy and crop farmers in North Rift, South Rift and West Pokot regions in Kenya.

Energy saving cook stoves and solar

The cost of fuel in slum areas is expensive not to mention high household pollution that also contributes to climate change.

FAO project

KDA was contracted by FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nation) to undertake the following project.AS a service provider it was to :


This project is funded by FK-Norway which is a governmental body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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