About KDA : K-Rep Development Agency (KDA) is the research and development arm of K-Rep Group. It was registered as a Non–Governmental Organization (NGO) in Kenya in 1997 with the mandate to research and develop new microfinance products and services for low-income people in Kenya and then to institutionalize those that prove to be commercially viable. ****** Mission Statement : To contribute to reduction of poverty in Kenya by creating economic opportunities for low-income people through, microfinance research and innovations, inclusive agribusiness, entrepreneurship and MSME development and innovations. ****** Strategic Pillars : The identified strategic pillars are anchored under the country’s Vision 2030 strategy as well as geared towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Four strategic pillars have been identified ****** Achievements : KDA’s ultimate success is achieved when it can spin-off or transition a successfully tested product line or service delivery mechanism for accessing financial services to low-income people. Since 1997, when it started pursuing the above objectives